The Idea

I started programming thanks to the passion for Apple products, to create applications that were all mine and share them with others on the appstore.

For "all mine", I mean code written by me, the idea of the user interface is my idea, but above all, that they do the things I want, and how I want them to do, because the other apps I already use are not like that, that is, they do not work exactly as I want.

Using already various applications of reminders and ToDo, none of these, even if excellent applications, I really liked because these are not as I want, in short.

That's why I created a 7-day, simple, clean ToDo manager that does exactly what I want.

History already felt perhaps, but this is my story, for this app, and it is common to all the apps I develop.



 Essential ToDo Manager

Application version: 2.3

© 2018-2019 Matteo Ansaloni

Developer: Matteo Ansaloni

Made in Italy with ❤️

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