Add Type

To add a ToDo 'Type', go to 'Settings', then tap on 'Manage Types'. Now you are in the 'Types' view, press the button at the bottom right, enter the type and choose the color then save.Here is saved a new 'Type' of Todo.

Add e new ToDo

From the main view 'This Week', tap on the lower right button.Done, you are in the 'New ToDo' view, fill the 'add item' field and choose the recurrence type for your needs, add the reminder if you need one, and save.

Row Actions

To access ToDo, to 'Delete', 'Restore', 'Done' move the ToDo row from right to left, so you can access the  row actions for the ToDo on it's own row directly.


From 'Settings' you can check various aspects and functionality of the application.

1) Manage the 'Types' of ToDo: Add, delete and modify the 'Type' of ToDo and the color.

2) Rules for the ToDo's orginization: Choose either 'Expiry date', 'Priority', or 'ToDo' name.

3) Use the sounds.

4) Use badge icon.

5) Notification for expired: Useful, because you will be reminded if you have more than a certain number of expired.

Also from the settings you can access other important features and tools of the application.If you need clarification always in 'Settings' you can access the tool 'Contacts and support'.

Rules of sorting

Intuitively simple. Three types of sorting.Choose the one that best suits your needs.Than save.

 All by Type

Since this application focuses on the ToDo of the next 7 days with a look at the next 30 days, if you want to see all the ToDo, present, future, and past, you can do it through the view 'All for Type'.For each 'Type' you can access to all the ToDo related to the 'Type'.