Synchronization with iCloud

Synchronization with iCloud

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Normally the developers do not write posts of support and explanation on this topic, simply they trust that the end user uses the application and that's it.
The idea is that it is not today so necessary to explain a whole series of things.

I think differently, so just to start talking about it, synchronization with “iCloud” of this application automatically takes place at startup and during the use, ie all your todo, commitments or tasks will automatically synchronize with your devices on which you have and use the same iCloud Account, and it will take place at a time even for the  notifications if there are and have decided to use them.

How do you know that there is a process of synchronization in progress?
Normally everything happens in the background, but to be sure, especially that even notifications synchronize between one device and another, whenever you will open the application you will see ,a thin red line working in the "This week view", which is technically a "progress view", which will indicate you that there is an ad hoc process in progress.

Also, if you are using the app for the first time, synchronization will automatically take place , but if instead, it is upgrading to your previous VS 5.0, synchronization will occur automatically using the application from time to time.

The choice to implement a default synchronization for this type of application lies in the idea that for the future one of the main functions will mainly be this, or having synchronized devices.
However, if you want to interrupt synchronization:
From your device, go to Settings> iCloud Account> iCloud> At App 10080> Deactivate the Switch.

Hoping this post is welcome

Thank you - The developer