Adding to do

Complete tool

Add your to do, specify the priority and the due date.
You can create recurring to do's and have a notification when they expire, with the required advance up to three days before the due date.


You can add all the notes you want to your to do and at the same time modify them every time you feel it necessary.


Tags are undoubtedly an extra tool to organize and classify your to do.
Create, modify and eliminate all your suitable tags.


User experience

10080 To Do AppIt allows you to customize the UI user experience in various ways.


To ensure the integrity of the application functioning, there is a view entirely dedicated to resets.

Data options

You can choose between two date display formats in your to do.

Row and Menu actions

About the to do

- Delete
- Restore
- Mark as completed


Snooze the completion of your todo of 1h,6h or 24h

Menu's actions

Everything and more in your menu's actions

General Overview

Next 30 days

Your next 30 days at a glance


When, what, what type and with what tag ... Well it's all there .. in the history.


The complete list of 'Types' allows you to access for each of them its corresponding to do.


Create a type

Set name, and choose the color.

Type's list

For each 'Type' there is its list of to do, with every specification including the tags.


For each List of 'Type' there is a statistic of completion, simple and clear.